Microsoft SC-100 Practise Test – Cybersecurity Architect #2

Microsoft SC-100 Exam


This is the second free SC-100 practise test I have created, if you haven’t done the first one, please go do that first here: Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect (SC-100) Practise Test Questions #1

In this test, there is only one correct answer to each question.

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  1. How can you see a list of security recommendations, the impact of those recommendations and the current state of security according to Microsoft best-practice? 
    a) Security Suggestions 
    b) Microsoft Secure Score 
    c) Intune 
  2. How do you ensure administrative access can be maintained during an MFA outage or being unable to reach a person holding an important role to implement key changes and ensure security during an emergency? 
    a) Contact Microsoft Support 
    b) Break-Glass/Emergency Access Accounts 
    c) Microsoft Emergency Control Service 
  3. Which Microsoft service can fulfil Security Orchestration, Automation and Response capabilities? 
    a) Microsoft Cloud-App Security 
    b) Defender for Cloud 
    c) Microsoft Sentinel 
  4. A Salesperson has accidentally sent a spreadsheet containing a list of customers and their main contact to a competitor, what type of security technology would help prevent this happening? 
    a) DLP 
    B) DHCP 
    C) SIEM 
  5. What is meant by defence-in-depth? 
    a) Having a firewall to protect your network 
    b) Conditional Access 
    c) Multiple layers of security controls 
  6. Which example is considered two different factors of authentication?
    a) Password and a PIN code 
    b) PIN code and security question 
    c) Password and push notification response 
    d) Hardware token 
  7. What is a great way of securing use of Entra ID accounts with a lot of administrative power?
    a) Privileged Access Workstations 
    b) Defender for Identity 
    c) Defender for Cloud-Apps 
  8. What is Privileged Identity Management (PIM)?
    a) Allows for administrative roles to be explicitly turned on for a limited time (just-in-time) and for approvals to be applied to the be used for turning on the administrative roles 
    b) Allows you to scan for group membership misconfiguration and apply a regular access review regime 
    c) Allows users to be assigned roles based on their role by requesting them in a group of permissions (Access Package) by be approved by a group of package owners 
  9. What is the acronym for the Microsoft threat modelling elements of security breach?
    a) STRAFE 
    b) SROMPE 
    C) STRIDE 
  10. Which Microsoft service provides DLP functionality?
    a) Microsoft Purview 
    b) Microsoft Priva 

Answers Below:


  1. B – Microsoft Secure Score provides you an easy to follow dashboard of Microsoft best-practises
  2. B – Break-Glass accounts are suggested as security best-practise by Microsoft: Manage emergency access admin accounts | Microsoft Learn
  3. C – Sentinel can be configured to automatically take actions based off of alerts from a wide range of sources.
  4. A – DLP is Data Loss Prevention, more on DLP can be found here: What is Data Loss Prevention (DLP)?
  5. C – Multiple layers of security is what is meant by defence in depth; you can learn more here: What is defense in depth?
  6. C – Password and push notification is the only listed answer with two distinct types of authentication, read more here: multi-factor authentication – Glossary | CSRC (
  7. A – Privileged Access Workstations, are computers which are used only to do administrative functions such as a using a Global Administrator account, this means that if the user cannot be phished with a malicious email, as they shouldn’t receive email on their privileged access workstation as well as other things, which reduces the attack surface, read more here: Why are privileged access devices important
  8. A – You can read more on PIM here: What is Privileged Identity Management? | Microsoft Learn
  9. C – STRIDE, you can find more on STRIDE here: STRIDE (security) – Wikipedia
  10. A – Microsoft Purview provides DLP functionality read more here: Learn about data loss prevention

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