Connect to Exchange Online Powershell with MFA

Microsoft365 Modern Authentication Login


As discussed in our previous article, connecting to Exchange Online via PowerShell is one of the most important uses for PowerShell as a Microsoft365 administrator.

The setup process on PowerShell for connecting with an MFA account is incredibly simple –


If this is the first time you are using MFA PowerShell on your computer, enter the following in an administrator PowerShell window –

Install-Module ExchangeOnlineManagement

Once you have entered the command and hit ‘enter’, you will be requested for your decision on installing the package, type ‘Y’ and hit enter.

Now that you have installed the Exchange Online PowerShell management package, all that is left to do, is authenticate to Exchange Online –


When you have typed in the above command and hit enter, you will see a familiar login page like this one –

Microsoft365 Modern Authentication Login

Now just login as normal and complete the MFA process and then you are finished!

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