How To Fix Windows Activation Error ‘0xc004f050’

Windows 11 Error Message Showing Activation Error 0xc00df050


I recently bought a Windows 11 Pro license key and found that the key wouldn’t activate to Windows 11 Pro from Windows 11 Home.

I quickly remembered that Microsoft sells distinct types of Windows keys, there are upgrade keys and activation keys. You must use a Windows Pro upgrade key before using a standard activation key, so if you recieve the error message, continue on to the method section:

"The product key that you entered didn't work. Check the product key and try again, of enter a different one. (0xc004f050)"


You will need to enter an upgrade key; if you have unexpectedly encountered the above ^ message, before entering the activation key.

Dont worry as I have already found it for you!

Enter the following upgrade key, while you are disconnected from the internet to upgrade your computer to Windows 10 Pro, before entering your activation code once it has upgraded:


Once your computer has restarted after entering the upgrade key directly above this paragraph, change the key Windows is activated with, to the once you have bought.

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